Álvaro Martínez Majado

Fix Your WordPress Bedrock Setup

Unlock hassle-free bug fixing and troubleshooting for your WordPress Bedrock sites. Say goodbye to technical headaches and jump to smooth, secure operations. Connect with a dedicated Bedrock expert today.

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Discover the Bedrock of Success

Tired of hitting snags with your WordPress Bedrock sites? My troubleshooting service offers more than quick fixes. It's about creating a seamless, fortified digital experience that stands the test of time.

As a dedicated WordPress Bedrock specialist, I'm here to dissolve those tech headaches and bolster your site against the tide of digital demands. With my service, you tap into efficiency, security, and performance—all with the expertise to back it up.

Streamlined Onboarding

Ease into a smooth start with just a few details about your WordPress Bedrock site. Share your site’s URL, any specific issues, and access credentials if available. Don’t sweat it if you’re missing information; I specialize in working out the kinks together.

Dedicated Expertise

Opt for a Bedrock troubleshooting service that stands out. With a record of high satisfaction and an array of technical skills, I am committed to enhancing your WordPress site's health and security for a thriving online presence.

Enhanced Security

Leverage the Twelve Factor App methodology for a secure WordPress environment. My troubleshooting and fixing service fortifies your site against threats, keeping your data safe and operations uninterrupted.

Performance Optimization

Not only do I fix issues, but I also boost your site’s speed and efficiency during troubleshooting. Experience a seamless and agile WordPress Bedrock site that caters to your users’ needs.

Updates and Upgrades

Stay updated with the latest WordPress and Bedrock versions. I provide ongoing support to ensure seamless compatibility and the latest features for your site.

Conversion Service

Switching from Bedrock to vanilla WordPress? My service includes seamless transitions, maintaining the integrity and functionality of your site without a hitch. Want to way the other way around? I can help with that as well.


webkoala recommending Álvaro Martínez Majado's work

I needed someone to show me how to create a bedrock staging environment. Alvaro showed me how to do it step by step. A really friendly, helpful and skilled provider. I can recommend him 100%.

Matthew Hickey from Hacker House recommending Álvaro Martínez Majado's work

We were thoroughly impressed with the produced output, meeting our guidelines for programming and implemented in a way that was friendly for our use.